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The Idea are mutated lifeforms who were exposure to Getter Rays, causing them to fuse with the plants, animals, and machinery in the area of exposure, becoming monstrous creatures that are prone to violence. As such they are labeled by names like 'Devils' and the 'Getter Ray irradiation failure'. The source of this fusion ability seems to be based on a microorganism from space that mutated from the Getter Rays. They serve as the antagonistic group of Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness.


Idea act out in total violence against any other lifeform. One Idea had beat a man endlessly for pleasure and humiliated a woman just for the sake of it. Their general social structure is based on the law of the jungle. However, they are able to be controlled when a leader asserts his position as was the case with Ken Saotome.


Idea have a varied set of appearances including looking like disfigured monsters, humanoids that have additional features like the Saotome family, or even giant robots.


After the fusion of multiple entities, humans that became Idea gained greater physical and mental strength, intelligence, and vitality. Depending on the Idea, they can also possess other abilities like spitting magma.


  • The idea of a microorganism from space that causes fusion seems to come from the Invaders of Armageddon fame.
    • The fusion with outside matter to become monsters has appeared in a few series, famously starting with Devilman.