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The Hyakki Empire is a military group composed of former humans that turned into Oni and lead by their leader Emperor Burai. Its origins varied by the way Burai gained his powers, but how the rest of the Empire came to be is unknown. The Hyakki Empire served as the main antagonistic group in Getter Robo G, with only splintered groups appearing in subsequent series.

Society and Structure[]

As mentioned earlier, the Hyakki Empire functions mostly on military power to achieve dominance over other civilizations including the Dinosaur Empire and humans. The army's main weapons are giant robots that depending on the media are either called the Hyakki Beasts or the Hyakki Robots.



When Burai was still human, he discovered a UFO (later revealed to be from the Andromeda Country) filled with technology that gave him his current form and power to create the Hyakki Empire. Reverse engineering the technology to build his army, Burai converted many people to his goal of conquest. Unfortunately, they were unable to fight off the Getter Robo G and its pilots, the only legitimate threat to their plans. When Atlantis appeared, and the empire unable to acquire their technology, they opted to destroy it instead. However, in an act of vengeance, the Atlanteans give the Getter Team access to their ultimate weapon, Uzahra. This along with guerrilla tactics allowed the Getter Team to destroy the Empire's fortress.

However, fragments of the empire had survived including a cybernetically revived Burai and a splinter group of scientists working the source of their technology, the Andromeda Country. Although the group lead by Carter McDonald was destroyed along with the Andromeda Country flagship, their final weapon Bug was activated to attack and destroy humanity.


No backstory is given with the empire, and they seem to want to conquer the world just for the sake of it. Much like the manga, in spite of all of their efforts, they failed to beat the Getter G.


  • The higher ups of the Hyakki Empire have shown some similarities between some of the Axis powers including uniforms worn by the Japanese Imperial Army and Hidler being based off Adolf Hitler.
  • In the English Getter Robo G adaptation "Force Five: Starvengers", The Hyakki Empire is renamed "The Pandemonium Empire" and Hidler is renamed "Colonel Fuhrer".