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Heim Shatner
Vital statistics
Title Heim Shatner
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation German Military
Allied Robot Corps
Status Deceased

Heim Shatner is a secondary character from Getter Robo Go manga. He is the pilot of Gustaf H-24.

Appearance and Personality[]

Heim Shatner was of regular height and well built man with dark and thick hair. He had a manly and some-what charming face. He was a veteran soldier with decent skills at piloting his own Super Robot.

His personality wasn't expanded a lot, due to his limited appearances. However, he was very confident and maybe even a bit cocky when in battle, especially when his opponent appeared to be weaker than himself. That said, he isn't a coward that always fights with opponents that are weaker than himself and is willing to take the risks to fight off a powerful opponent that could end his life. He was also shown to take an interest in Sho Tachibana, asking her out to have some tea, which made Schwartz Koff call him a "womanizer" and told Sho to be careful with him out of jealousy.


Heim was a competent pilot able to use the Gustaf H-24 to it's fullest, especially with its weaponry.