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Hayato Jin
Vital statistics
Title Hayato Jin
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation NISAR
Voice Actor(s) Naoya Uchida
Status Active

Hayato Jin is one of the original members of the Getter Team but years later had to find a new one to fight the Dinosaur Empire after the forced halt on Getter Ray research.


Hayato at the start of the OVA resembled his original manga counterpart with long black hair, black eyes, and a rather slender frame. His clothing consisted of his pilot suit including a helmet with an elongated visor. In the current day he wears dress clothes along with a black trench coat and sunglasses.


Hayato is a serious and to the point person, willing to go to extremes to find the pilots needed to pilot the Neo Getter Robo. He also tries to get the politicians he works under to see the bigger picture of using Getter Rays in case of the worst, with no success.


Hayato was once an accomplished pilot of the original Getter Robot but after sustaining serious injuries in battle against the Dinosaur Empire, he can no longer handle the coalescence process but can still fly a Getter Machine. He is also skilled in the fields of robotics as well as energy, creating the plasma powered Neo Getter Robo to compensate in the coming battles.


Hayato after sustaining serious injuries was unable to join a battle against an army of Mechasaurs with his comrade, Musashi forced to act alone. After Musashi's sacrifice which destroyed the army but destroyed Manhattan, Hayato was put in charge of the new Getter Program for the development of the Neo Getter as well as recruiting suitable pilots. Hayato found the pilots and the success of Neo Getter was praised. However, politicians refused to restart Getter Ray research due to the possible criticism that would follow.

Unfortunately, the Dinosaur Empire forces would attack Tokyo relentlessly along with the Saotome Institute. Hayato and some members of NISAR managed to fight off some soldiers while reuniting with his teammate Ryoma Nagare. With the deployment of the Shin Getter Robo, Hayato offers advice before seeing victory against Emperor Gore. He eventually joins everyone in a series of photographs celebrating afterwards.