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Hayato Jin
Vital statistics
Title Hayato Jin
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Age (Young Adult)
Affiliation Revolutionaries,
Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Naoya Uchida
Status Alive

Hayato Jin is the pilot of the Jaguar Getter Machine and the second pilot to be recruited in the battle against the Oni.


Hayato resembles a mix between his counterparts in the manga before and after Getter Robo Go having long messy hair that goes down the front and back of his head as well as piercing eyes. His pilot suit is modeled after his original manga counterpart featuring a blue suit and a white helmet with a blue outline.


During his introduction, Hayato was a borderline psychopath having a calculating mind but with a hair trigger temper willing to mercilessly kill a subordinate who dares question him and laugh maniacally while doing so. He is driven to discover the secrets of the Getter Rays to the point of trying to hack into military grade hardware. After his first time piloting a Getter Machine and his encounter with the Oni, he calms down while his interest in the Getter Rays remain to the point of joining Dr. Saotome in his private quarters to discuss the nature of the Getter Rays. He also possesses a slight jealousy of Ryoma for being so close to the Getter Rays.


Hayato possesses a vicious fighting style able to effortlessly beat a person or Oni to death with quick movements and for a while can even equal Ryoma in combat. After a device to give him needed knowledge to pilot a Getter Machine as well as later experiences, Hayato became a great pilot able to control his Getter Machine and Getter-2 with great skill to overpower enemies.


Hayato with his revolutionary army broke into a government body to steal secrets, after one of his subordinates questioned their activities Hayato beat him to death.



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