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HEATS is the second OP song of Getter Robo Armageddon. It is sung by Hironobu Kageyama and JAM Project.

A new version of the song, titled HEATS 2021, was performed by Kageyama for the anime adaptation of Getter Robo Arc as the ending theme for episodes 9 - 12.



Burn your passion! We'll catch our dreams someday!
Start running without looking back!
Run through the cold night!
Even though there was something shouting in my heart,
I pretended not to be aware of it.
Whipped by strong rain and wind,
my heartbeat woke me up!
That's right, I can't forget the naughty way of life I had!
If I can feel my blood boiling, I don't need anything else!
Burn your passion, start running towards your dream!
Burn your hand with your passion!
Climb up without taking your eyes off it!

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