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Vital statistics
Title Gozro
Japanese Name ゴズロ
Gender Male
Race Saurian
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Deceased

Gozro/Gozuro (ゴズロ Gozuro) is a character from the anime adaptation of Getter Robo Arc. He is one of the Gettersaurus's three pilots alongside Vise and Ganryu. He pilots Megalon, the Gettersaurus's unit 3. ​


He was a playmate of Kamui when they were young.

​ Several years later, when the Getter Team came to the Dinosaur Empire as part of Operation Jura Dead, he met with Kamui again and Professor Han revealed that he and Kaumi's two other friends were the pilots of the Empire's Newest Mechasaurus. When Getter Arc pilot Takuma Nagare calls them heroes, Gozro corrects him, stating that they were chosen because their lives were worth the least in the Empire.

​ Shortly thereafter, Gozro and his teammates appeared in Gettersaurus to assist Getter Arc after it was pinned down due to Kamui being distracted thinking about his mother. They quickly cleared out the enemies, taunting the Getter Team about it.

He and his team joined in the battle to defend Zold from a Stellaration attack, which nearly failed. The Gettersaurus team followed the Getter Team into Zold as the Black Shin Getter's Pilot sacrificed himself to open the way. After entering Zold, Gozro and his team became separated from the Getter Team.​

Upon arrving, they quickly realized that they were on another planet and that Gettersaurus was damaged and unable to fight. Shortly afterwards, they were attacked and had to be saved. As they escaped, Ganryu's machine was captured, but was saved again by the the Getter Team again while Gozro had to continue the retreat.

Afterwards they were met by Human forces from the current time (as the Zold had transferred them into the future) led by Musashi Tomoe. However, they were excluded from Musashi's explanation due to not being human.

During the final battle against the Andromeda Stelleration, Gozro and his teammates provided backup to Getter Arc until Takuma Baku informed them that Kamui had not returned to the Arc after having to leave briefly.

After they saved Kamui, who been ejected into space, they were dragged into the Star Boarder and exited through the Zold.

the Gettersaurus team then assisted Kamui in his assault on the Saotome Institute. While he managed to avoid the traps set by Dr. Shikishima, he and the rest of his team were killed in battle against Hayato Jin.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Alongside Ganryu, the similar character with Gozro's role appeared in the original manga as well, although the only differences is the fact that he is nameless and his physical design.