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Gore Tower
Vital statistics
Title Gore Tower
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender N/A
Race Mechasaurus
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Destroyed

The Gore Tower was a large Mechasaurus weapon that led an attack on Japan's countryside.


The Gore Tower is a large mobile fortress with a rectangular base, a cylindrical tower, and a top pad that features a face based on the Dinosaur Empire's ruler Emperor Gore but lacks pupils and keeps an opened fang mouth. The Gore Tower is equipped with large metal tentacles that are equipped with a variety of weapons including drills and beam guns.

Abilities and Weapons[]

The tower's large size and tentacles make it a very powerful and dangerous force, able to destroy everything in its path.

Its hull is resistant to TNT with sticks not able to even leave a scratch. A large explosion however is able to knock it off balance.

The tentacles are its primary offense and defense weapons, possessing a variety of mods that fit most uses for demolition. The drills are used for movement as well as destroying obstacles while the beams are used for defending against potential threats including a child with a crate full of dynamite.


Gore Tower had destroyed a town near Y City and was continuing its rampage. Even the Getter Robo had difficulty fighting against it with its Getter Machines being swatted away.

As the Gore Tower kept going, it was given attention by the Rascals who threw dynamite at it that did little. The Getter Robo, recovered for battle, faced against the tower but was caught by the tower's tentacles. The Rascal leader Sho in a fit of rage threw an entire crate of dynamite at it, knocking the tower off balance. With the Getter freed, it fired a Getter Beam at the tower while covering Sho from the resulting explosion.