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Gola (Miyuki Saotome)
Vital statistics
Title Gola
Miyuki Saotome
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Dinosaur Person
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Voice Actor(s) Noriko Tsukase
Status Deceased

Princess Gola is the missing daughter of Emperor Gore. Changed into a human form with her memories suppressed to infiltrate the Saotome Institute, Gola was adopted by Dr. Saotome under the name Miyuki Saotome.


Gola wants nothing more than parental affection, going on her mission to win her father's approval. However upon becoming Miyuki, Gola found the affection she wanted so badly from Dr. Saotome which caused her some discomfort when she had to return to the empire.

Confused on why the empire and humanity have to fight over the Earth, Gola is the only known member of the empire that questions their goals. Knowing she can never go back to her life as Miyuki, Gola decided to spend the last of her life in battle.


Gola's role as an infiltrator and Dinosaur Empire spy in the Saotome Institute gives her information and access to records in the institute. Through the advanced technology of the empire, Gola can change her appearance to suit the tasks needs. She is also an accomplished pilot, able to control the Getter Queen after studying its components and functions which ultimately allowed her to combat the Getter Robo on a somewhat equal level.


Five years prior to the series, Gola was sent up to the surface to get close to the Saotome Institute. Found by Dr. Saotome, she was adopted by him when he realized she had no memory of her home and gave Gola the name Miyuki Saotome.

While not always living with her adoptive family, Miyuki had come to visit on certain periods. After five years however, her memory as Gola returned. Tasked with getting data, Gola obtained the design of the Getter Q but after receiving the mech refused to fight after everything she's been through with her adoptive family.

The empire's coming-of-age ceremony was coming with a solar eclipse. Gola did not want to go back to the Empire, yet was aware things will never be the same after her secret got out. Gola decides to confront the Getter Team in battle with the Getter Q.

With both of her fathers watching this fight, Dr. Saotome apologizes to Miyuki for the way things have turned out and Gola is prepared to die with the Getter Q, allowing the Getter Robo to attack to hit her until the Mechasaurus Silver came to assist on Gore's orders. Gola/Miyuki apologizes to both of her fathers as she throws herself and the Getter Q into a valley causing the Getter Q to explode and take Gola/Miyuki with it.