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Go Ichimonji
Vital statistics
Title Go Ichimonji
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation NISAR
Voice Actor(s) Takeshi Kusao
Status Active

Go Ichimonji is the pilot of the Getter Go formation of the Getter Robo Go.

Appearance and Personality[]

Go is a young man with an athletic build, dark messy hair and sideburns, and is usually seen in his pilot suit.

He a strong sense of justice unwilling to turn away from the threat of the Metal Beasts. However, he has a short temper and is prone to outbursts. Go has an interest in martial arts and professional wrestling, especially of the wrestler, Carl Crusher. His overall design and personality are based on Koji Kabuto from Mazinger Z.


Go possesses a powerful body able to overpower most of Vega Zone's foot soldiers and is able to survive a poisonous gas for a long period of time. His skills as a pilot have improved over the course of the series starting with the Battle Heli, that he was able to use to damage a Metal Beast. His frame allows him to plow through the immense pressure exerted by the Getter, allowing Go to pilot the robot with efficiency.