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Go Ichimonji
Go IchimonjiDaikessen.PNG
Vital statistics
Title Go Ichimonji
Japanese Name 一文字號
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Tachibana Institute
Voice Actor(s) Jun Fukuyama
Status Unknown

Go Ichimonji is one of the pilots of the Getter Robo Daikessen !. Recruited to pilot the Getter Robo Go, he is a hot-blooded youth always in the cockpit of the flight mode of the Getter.

Appearance and Personality[]

Go is a teenager with an athletic build with short black hair and eyes. Go is a brash and sarcastic young man but is able to work with his teammates to great effect. However he is willing to take risks that would otherwise endanger his life.


Go possesses a powerful body that made him an ideal pilot for the Getter Go, having quickly gotten a feel for it after first piloting it and surviving the intense pressure of the Getter unit. His piloting skills extend to the small but agile robot Beetle T23 with completely different controls and movement, and even pilot the incredibly powerful Shin Getter Robo.