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Go in GRA.png
Vital statistics
Title Go
Japanese Name
Gender Male
Race Artificially created Human
Age Biologically Adolescence
Affiliation Getter Team
Voice Actor(s) Tomokazu Seki
Status Alive

Go is one of the main protagonists of Getter Robo Armageddon, taking a lead role after the old Getter Team was disbanded. Having emerged from a capsule with no memory of his past, it is later revealed that Go is an artificial human created by Dr. Saotome using his and his daughter Michiru's genes through the Getter Rays in order to pilot and control the Shin Getter Robo and the Shin Dragon. His name and appearance is based on Go Ichimonji from the Getter Robo Go manga.


Go is a young man of average height and weight. He features short hair that is unusually colored green. His clothing consists of a red jump suit that covers most of his body before changing to a white pilot suit with red accents.


Go was originally shown as a calm yet emotionless being with an apathetic view. However, he has a strong desire to protect Kei, later revealed to be because of built-in instincts from his genes from Michiru as Kei is Genki Saotome. This was shown to be what was needed for him to pilot the Shin Getter as he needed to gain emotions for the Shin Dragon to activate. Go eventually came to accept Kei not just as something to protect but as a friend, extending it to Gai as well. While not having a strong relationship with his seniors, Go does show a decent amount of respect for the older Getter Team.

Abilities and Powers[]

Go is a powerful fighter able to grapple Invaders with relative ease. As a being born from Getter Rays, Go is able to control the Shin Getter Robo and Shin Dragon without any training or equipment. At times, Go does not even need to be inside a Getter Machine to control it, often through a psychic-like ability tied to the Getter Rays that has him control a Getter robot with little difficulty. He also possesses some sort of psychic ability that can contact the undead shown when he called the spirits of Michiru and Musashi when the old Getter Team battled Metal Beast Dragon.


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  • In the English dub for Getter Robo Armageddon, Go's voice was given a consistent, almost mechanical echo, which was a creative liberty likely meant to further emphasize Go's status as an artificial human.
  • Armageddon incarnation of Go is sometimes called Go Saotome (早乙女號, Saotome Gō).