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Getter Robo Zan (ゲッターロボ斬) is a Getter robot exclusively found in Getter Robo Daikessen !. Unlike other robots in the game, it can only be piloted by women including its main pilots Akane Mizuki, Tsubaki Akiyama and Kaede Shibasaki. However any other female pilot can control it as well.

Features and Forms[]

Getter Robo Zan resembles a female version of the Getter Robo with a more traditional Japanese style. The primary Getter Machine however is colored pink instead of red.

Getter Rekka (ゲッター烈火)[]

Aerial form of the Getter Zan featuring a mainly pink coloring and horns that point downwards. Instead of the Getter Tomahawks, Getter Zan is armed with a katana called the Hizanto.


Hizanto (火斬刀 Fire Slash Blade): A pair of swords.

Awase Kazaguruma (合わせ風車 Combined Windmill): Combine two Hizantos and throwing at target.

Hana Ranbu (花乱舞 Flower Wild Dance): A rushing attack at high speed.

Nitou Hana Ranbu (二刀花乱舞 Two Swords Flower Wild Dance): A rushing attack with two Hizantos.

Zanmakou (斬魔光 Demon Slash Light): A powerful beam attack from both hands.

Getter Shiten (ゲッター紫電)[]

Speedy ground form of the Getter Zan featuring a white paint job. Armed with a drill on its right hand, it is capable of moving at speeds high enough to produce shadow clones.


Sengokubari (千極針 Thousand Extreme Needles): A powerful stab with drill arm.

Shippubari (疾風針 Gale Needles): A multiple stabs attack with drill arm.

Jasenkou (蛇旋光 Snake Spiral Light): Shoot an energy bullets from drill arm.

Getter Kage Bunshin (ゲッター影分身 Getter Shadow Cloning): Perform a shadow cloning attacks. (MAP weapon)

Getter Kongo (ゲッター金剛)[]

Sea and heavy form of the Getter Zan with a yellow lead color.


Assault (突撃): A powerful tackle.

Oubashuriken (大刃手裏剣 Large Blade Shuriken): Throw a large Shuriken at target.

Haganshou (破岩掌 Rock Broken Palm): Enlarge the right arm and perform a punch attack.

Shura Bakurai (修羅爆雷 Shura Depth Charge): Throw a large bomb and perform a tackle at target.