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Getter Robo Hien (ゲッターロボ飛焔) is the evolved form of the Prototype Getter Robo after fully utilizing the power of Getter Rays and titular mecha of the manga it appeared in.


The Getter Hien in its base form resembles the Proto Getter it evolved from its similar shape and coloring but its left and right sides have become asymmetric with one side glowing blue while the other side glows green. The left side also features spikes on the robot's knuckles.


Getter Robo Hien's evolution allowed for a greater increase in power allowing the Hien to effectively combat the Getter Gaia. Its combat prowess allows Hien to plow through hordes of Plant Beasts. Its Getter Beam is so powerful that it was compared to the Stoner Sunshine of the Shin Getter Robo.