Getter Robo G Opening

Getter Robo G Opening

Getter Robo G is a sequel series to Getter Robo taking place some time after the death of Musashi Tomoe. It introduces a stronger Getter robot called Getter Robo G and a new character who takes Musashi's place as the third Getter jet, Benkei Kuruma.


Getter Robo G was called in by a toy sponsor to extend the series and garner more profit. The Getter Robo G was designed to attract more fans. With the death of Musashi already in place, a never specified character was planned to be killed off but fan reaction brought this to an end.


With the death of Musashi and the Getter Robo no longer useful, a new threat in the form of the Hyakki Empire arises. To combat this new threat, the Getter Robo G is completed and a new pilot Benkei Kuruma is called in to fight in Musashi's place.

List of EpisodesEdit

Differences between Manga and AnimeEdit


  • The Hyakki Empire's Science Fortress Island is able to move along the surface and seabed and begins to fly in episode 10.


  • The Science Fortress Island could move across the seabed and even in space.
  • Atlantis appears with their ultimate weapon Uzahra acting as new strength for the Getter Robo team.
  • Final battle with the Hyakki Empire takes place in space.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the first Getter Robo series to be shown in the United States under Jim Terry Productions and Mattel's syndicated programming block "Starvengers" and the only one to be aired on American television. 26 of the shows 39 episodes were adapted (in out of order) and nearly all the names of the characters and mecha's were changed. Some changes include but are not limited to the following.
  • Dr. Saotome became "Dr. Copernicus"
  • Benkei Kuruma became "Elmer O. 'Foul Tip' Fossil"
  • Hayato Jin became "Paladin Spencer''
  • Ryoma Nagare became "Homer Winthrow"
  • Marshall Hidler became "Colonel Furer"
  • Genki Saotome became "Joey Copernicus"
  • Michiru Saotome became "Ceres Copernicus"
  • The Hyakki Empire became "The Pandemonium Empire"
  • Getter Dragon became "Star Dragun"
  • Getter Liger became "Star Arrow"
  • Getter Poseidon became "Star Poseidon"
  • Starvengers was later reissued on VHS and DVD under the title "Roboformers" with nearly the entire shows run featured on these tapes (as well as two episodes of Gaiking). In the UK the show was released on PAL VHS as "Formators". The legality of these releases is subject to debate.