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Hey, lookie there, the "Chosen Ones", handpicked to pilot the fancy new Arc, while we're stuck with the old-ass D2s!

―The D2 pilot
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Getter Robo D2(ゲッターロボ D2, ゲッターD2) pronounced De-Tsu in anime is a combat robot used by the Saotome Institute as part of its Getter Corps in Getter Robo Arc (Manga) and Getter Robo Arc (Anime)


Getter Robo D2 resembles a mix between the Getter Dragon featuring a similar head with longer whiskers and horns, detailed chest armor, and shoulder pads. It also possesses the same wings and lower body half as Shin Getter 1.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Getter Robo D2 possesses high speed flight capabilities and is armed with a Getter Tomahawk. It is also armed with a Getter Beam shot from the forehead.



Getter Robo D2 was used by the Saotome Institute to fight Zordo XX but the pilot was effortlessly defeated and D2 crashed. It was later hijacked by Takuma Nagare with Baku Yamagishi opening the robot up. Takuma was able to fight against the mechanical monster but would have more trouble if not for the arrival of the Getter Robo āḥ piloted by Kamui Sho. They manage to destroy the flying monster with a combined Getter Beam attack. The D2 models were also seen in the future used by the human army.