Getter Robo Arc (also written as Getter Robo āḥ) is the eponymous Super Robot of the manga of the same. It is described by its creator, Hayato Jin, as the final legacy of Dr. Saotome but whether this means it was designed by Saotome or made in honor of him is unknown. It is piloted by Takuma Nagare, Kamui Sho, and Baku Yamagishi.

Forms and Capabilities

Getter Robo Arc has a more noticeably menacing appearance compared to earlier models. Its naming and design is meant to invoke a Buddhist deity with each forms name containing a Sanskrit character that is the seed syllable of the deity they represent. Arc (āḥ) comes from Vairocana, Kirik (hrīḥ) comes from Amitābhaḥ, and Khan (hāṃ) comes from Acala. All forms are capable of flight. Its combat prowess is stated to surpass the Shin Getter Robo and its energy output is much more stable.

Getter Arc

The primary form which corresponds the most to the old Getter Robo models. It has a ferocious fighting style, using the spikes and its fanged mouth in combat. It is capable of ultra high-speed flight comparable to the Shin Getter.

  • Getter Beam: Similar to Getter Robo G, Arc releases a Getter Beam from its forehead.
  • Getter Tomahawk: Releases large double bladed battle axes for close combat that can be combined with each other.
  • Battle Shot Cutter: Releases and throws its arm blades to attack enemies.
  • Thunder Bomber: Opens the 10 wing pieces which act like lightning rods to discharge energy in the surrounding area.

Getter Kirik

The land based form using the right arm as a drill for combat and a free left arm. It is capable of traveling underground at a fast speed.

Getter Khan

The heavy duty form with a barbed appearance. While its predecessors were primary made for underwater combat, hāṃ had never been seen in that environment. Its vast strength allows it to tears through enemies easily.


  • While Getter Arc is based on Vairocana, the seed syllable used for the name is also used for Amoghasiddhi, one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas.
    • The proper writing for the seed syllable for Vairocana is 'a'.