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Getter Robo Arc (also written as Getter Robo āḥ) is the eponymous Super Robot of the manga of the same. It is described by its creator, Hayato Jin, as the final legacy of Dr. Saotome, but whether this means it was built using Saotome's blueprints or just in honor of him is unknown. It is piloted by Takuma Nagare, Kamui Sho, and Baku Yamagishi.

Forms and Capabilities[]

Getter Robo Arc has a noticeably more menacing appearance compared to earlier models. Its naming and design are meant to invoke a Buddhist deity with each forms name containing a Sanskrit character that is the seed syllable of the deity they represent. Arc (āḥ) comes from Vairocana, Kirik (hrīḥ) comes from Amitābhaḥ, and Khan (hāṃ) comes from Acala. All forms are capable of flight in one form or another. Its combat prowess can be roughly compared to Shin Getter Robo (before it was infused with Getter energy from Shin Getter Robo G), and its energy output is much more stable. That being said, there are still limits to Arc's abilities, as it was losing to Bug and (only in the anime) almost lost to Uzahra.

Although, as per usual, three pilots are needed to fully unfold its combat potential, Getter Arc is shown to be piloted by Kamui alone, and, later, only by Takuma. In the anime, Takuma even freely alternates between Arc's three forms.

Getter Arc[]

Getter Arc (anime version)

The primary form which corresponds the most to the old Getter Robo models. It has a ferocious fighting style, even more so than earlier Getter-1 models. It is capable of ultra high-speed flight in zigzaging, UFO-esque patterns, akin to Shin Getter.

  • Getter Crush: Unique to Getters, Arc can open its face panel to reveal fanged maw, and its fingers have retractable talons. Both can be used to tear enemy apart in beast-like manner.
  • Getter Beam: Similar to Getter Robo G, Arc releases a Getter Beam from its forehead.
  • Getter Tomahawk: Releases large double-bladed battle axes for close combat that can be dual-wielded or combined with each other into a long shaft with axe head on both ends. Arc hasn't been shown to throw its axes yet.
    • Double Labyrinthus: Arc's Getter Tomahawks can be combined together to create a long battle axe.
    • Niten Ichi Ryu: A dual-wielding combat technique announced by Takuma. With its Getter Tomahawks, Arc turns into whirlwind of gore, hacking apart enemies who try to surround it.
    • Tomahwak Hurricane (Anime only): An attack where Arc uses it's Tomahawk to create a vortex which pulls in and destroys surrounding enemies. It glows green as a result of the Getter Rays flowing out from the Tomahawk.
  • Battle Shot Cutter: Like other first forms of Getter Robo, Arc has curved blades on its forearms. Uniquely, it has four rather than three (though it's one of details manga is inconsistent about), and when they're not in use, they're often wrapped around the wrists like ribbons. Even more curiously, these blades can extend in length to more than two times Arc's height, allowing to cut completely through large alien monstrosities.
  • Getter Machine Gun (Manga only): Getter Arc briefly used four-barrelled rotary cannon to fend off smaller bugs that attacked Gettersaurus.
  • Thunder Bomber: Arc lifts its nine wing pieces which act like lightning rods to discharge energy in the surrounding area. It appears to be Arc's most destructive ability, at least concerning area of effect.
  • Arc Shine Bomber (Anime/SRW only): Getter Arc was shown to be capable of using some form of the Shine Spark previously used by Getter Robo G against Uzahra. The first time it was used, it went unannounced.

Getter Kirik[]

Getter Kirik (anime version)

The highly mobile land-based form using the right arm as a drill for combat and a free left arm. It is capable of traveling underground at a fast speed, flying and suspending itself in the air.

  • Drill Arm: Unlike most Getter-2 models, it is one that Kirik sports is unique in appearance. Rather than being cone-shaped, it is comprised of many harpoon-like blades and ends with small pincer that can transform into tip of the drill. Still, it's functionally similar to drill weapons of earlier Getter-2s. It is unknown whether Kirik can launch its drill arm as missile or create whirlwinds, as it hasn't demonstrated either in the manga or anime.
    • Double Drill Storm (Anime only): Kirik charges the enemy while spinning both arms. This attack was used by Takuma while fighting BUG, and actually succeeded to break through latter's forcefield.
  • Pincer Arm: The left arm of Kirik turns into a large, sharp-looking claw. It is apparent that it can be used as weapon, but Kamui at least once saved an ally with it, without damaging their machine in the process.

Getter Khan[]

Getter Khan (anime version)

The heavy duty form with a barbed appearance. Its vast strength allows it to overpower enemies many times its size, and it has limited flight capabilities. While its predecessors were primary made for underwater combat, hāṃ had never been seen in submarine combat in manga (though anime fixed that).

  • Spine Crusher: Getter Khan launches itself into the air, transforms into huge spiked grinder wheel and lands on its enemies, crushing them. The only time it was used in manga, Khan in its wheel form broke through cranium of colossal Andromedan beast-robot and tore it apart from inside. In anime, it's used far more often, to the point of Khan spending around a half of its screen time in this mode.
    • Maelstrom (Anime only): While underwater, Khan enters the spiked wheel mode and starts rotating rapidly, creating a deadly whirlpool that destroys all rank-and-file Andromedan beast-robots caught in it.
  • Unnamed Spike Attack (Anime only): The spikes along the rings on Khan's shoulders glow briefly before expanding out, skewering everything around it. As they glow bright green, they may actually be sustained beams of Getter energy projected from spike sockets.
  • Unnamed Missile Attack (Anime only): Khan can fire a large volley of missiles, this attack was used by Takuma while fighting Kamui and BUG.



  • While Getter Arc is based on Vairocana, the seed syllable used for the name is also used for Amoghasiddhi, one of the Five Wisdom Buddhas.
    • The proper writing for the seed syllable for Vairocana is 'a'.
    • 'Arc' can also be written as 'Aku' ('evil' in Japanese), based on the katakana format, in reference to it's more demonic appearance in comparison to most Getter Robos. Alternatively, it may refer to more sinister side of Getter that is revealed late in the manga.
  • The design of Getter Arc's head bears an obvious homage to Devilman from eponymous franchise by Go Nagai. More precisely, it mimicks Amon, the demonic entity that forms Devilman together with Akira Fudo.
  • Getter Robo Arc can be seen as further development of Getter Robo G design, just as Shin Getter Robo is a streamlined version of the original Getter Robo. Similarities include spiked ball maces on Arc's Getter Tomahawks, the fact that it shoots Getter Beam from the forehead, horn-like appendages on Getter Kirik's head, and Getter Khan having legs rather than a platform with tank treads. Anime further reinforces these parallels by making Getter Arc perform what appears to be its own version of Shine Spark.
  • Getter Kirik is the only Getter from the main (i.e. manga) continuity that lacks any kind of ranged attacks - at least none were shown in manga or anime.
  • Box cover art for 3rd blu-ray volume of Getter Robo Arc anime, allegedly drawn by Go Nagai, features Getter Khan with telescopic arms, similar to original Getter 3 or Shin Getter 3 from OVAs. Again, neither in manga nor in anime Getter Khan has demonstrated ability to extend arms.
  • Niten Ichi Ryu is actual dual-wielding technique developed by famous swordfighter and duellist Miyamoto Musashi. Who makes personal appearance in another manga by Ken Ishikawa, Makai Tensho.
  • Until summer 2021, Getter Arc and its pilots didn't appear in any adaptations or crossovers, but that changed with the Getter Robo Arc Anime and, later, its introduction to Super Robot Wars DD.