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Getter Robo is an anime series co-created by Ken Ishikawa and Go Nagai of Dynamic Productions. It is the first anime to introduce the concept of combining mechas, and gained notoriety of using this along with a teen drama setting.


Going through some old documents and design from Mazinger Z, Ishikawa and his employer Nagai co-created the Getter Robo. Ishikawa created the main characters as well as the gradual plot for the series and its sequels.


The Saotome Getter Ray Research Institute has completed a robot for space exploration, the Getter Robo. However, the Dinosaur Empire had risen from the depths of the Earth to retake the surface with their Mechasaurus robots. The power source of the Getter Robo, the mysterious Getter Rays are the only means able to combat them. The Empire's ruler Emperor Gore gives the order to prevent development of this energy source. So Dr. Saotome recruits three students from Asama High School: soccer captain Ryoma Nagare, loner Hayato Jin, and Judo captain Musashi Tomoe all of whom have a strong sense of justice and the ability to pilot the three high powered jets needed to form the Getter Robo and cooperate in the battle against him.

Near the end of the series, the shadow ruler of the Dinosaur Empire, Yura appears with his giant Mechasaurus weapon called Invincible Battleship Dai. Yura's attacks leave the Getter Team at a disadvantage so they attempt to use a three-staged attack using the Getter Machines armed with bombs to destroy it along with some help from anti-aircraft weapons. However due to Musashi's clumsiness the strategy failed and Ryoma and Hayato are injured.

With the group in a corner, Dr. Saotome and Michiru try a different strategy using Michiru's machine with a more powerful bomb as a sure fire suicide mission. But before Michiru can go, Musashi feeling guilty about his failure goes instead. However the Mechasaurus fought back and Musashi was unable to drop the bomb properly. But Musashi does not turn back and instead goes in for a suicide bombing attack that destroys both him and the Mechasaurus. His death was mourned by his comrades who honor Musashi as a hero.

List of Episodes[]

# Title Air Date
1 Invincible! Getter Robo Launch April 4, 1974
2 All-Out Battle! Three Giant Mechasauruses April 11, 1974

The Dinosaur Empire's Rainbow Strategy

April 18, 1974
4 Bloodbath On Southern Cross April 24, 1974
5 The Getter Team, Passing Through The Darkness May 2, 1974
6 Dinosaurs! The Plan To Attack Tokyo! May 9, 1974
7 Never Forgiving Evil! Trumpet Assault! May 16, 1974
8 One-shot crisis, Getter-2! May 23, 1974
9 The Glory of Captain Radora May 30, 1974
10 Nosedive! The Getter-3 goes for it June 6, 1974
11 Fierce Fight! Drill versus Drill June 13, 1974
12 HOWL! The Immortal Uru June 20, 1974
13 One-point battle! DAISETSUZAN OROSHI June 27, 1974
14 Risking Our Lives In The Crimson Skies! July 4, 1974
15 A Ballad Dedicated To Yuuko July 11, 1974
16 Uncovering The Secrets Of The Dinosaur Empire July 18, 1974
17 Target: Blueprints July 25, 1974
18 The Master of The Dinosaur Empire August 1, 1974
19 Ryo! The Final Launch August 8, 1974
20 Massive Air Raid! A Sudden Terror August 15, 1974
21 The Robot From America August 22, 1974
22 The Tragedy of Getter Queen August 29, 1974
23 Mt. Asama's First Shades of Death September 5, 1974
24 Destroy the Stronghold! September 12, 1974
25 Combine! 100 Meter Windspeeds September 19, 1974
26 Emperor Gore: Operation Massive Eruption September 26, 1974
27 The Evil Ura's Anger! October 3, 1974
28 A Surprise Attack! The Underground Three! October 10, 1974
29 Fight For The Flood Hell! October 17, 1974
30 The Immortal Bird Revives! October 24, 1974
31 Hayato! Danger! Stand Up! October 31, 1974
32 The Horrible Red Fog Trap! November 7, 1974
33 Swear To The Unlimited Sky. November 14, 1974
34 Tears Of The Warrior Woman, Wunkay. November 21, 1974
35 Musashi, Man's Hardship! November 28, 1974
36 Attack The Fort! Trojan Plan! December 5, 1974
37 The Devil Commander! Aim at Doc! December 12, 1974
38 Get Away From The Magic Sea. December 19, 1974
39 The Sadness Is Away From The Shooting Star. December 26, 1974
40 Freeze The Archipelago In Japan. January 9, 1975
41 Invisible Dinosaur Bomb Troop. January 16, 1975
42 Going Forward To The North Pole! March 6, 1975
43 The Robot Getter Is Taken Away! March 13, 1975
44  Musashi! Angry Ocean! March 20, 1975
45 Escape From The Universe Graveyard. March 27, 1975
46 Attack of Horrible Ice Dinosaur. April 3, 1975
47 Gore Highness Shows Up! April 10, 1975
48 The Dinosaur Empire in Magma. April 17, 1975
49 Explosion! Falls Down! Dinosaur Empire! April 24, 1975
50 Gore! The Severe Fight Back! May 1, 1975
51  It Was The Day The Dinosaur Empire Destroyed... May 8, 1975

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