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Getter Robo
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Vital statistics
Title Getter Robo
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Genderless
Race Unknown
Affiliation Shifukan Institute
Status Unknown

The Getter Robo is a giant robot featured in Getter Robo High. Like its other counterparts, the Getter Robo takes one of three forms, depending on the formations of the Getter Machines. However, unlike its counterparts, the Getter Robo is powered by the movement of tiles in a game of mahjong.

Technology & Combat Characteristics[]

Getter Honghu (ゲッター紅虎 Getter Red Tiger)[]

Getter Robo Honghu

Getter Honghu is piloted by Banko Benimaru. It is built for combat on land.


  • Getter Beam: Banko was told to fire the Getter Beam, but because she hadn't read the manual, she instead used Honghu to fire punches. In later battles, Honghu kicks its enemy in the knee and then uppercuts them.
  • Getter Tomahawk: Tsutsuno instructs Banko to use the Getter Tomahawk, but because Banko, once again, didn't read the manual, She went straight for the enemy with a Mongolian chop. Using its sharp claws, Honghu severs both of the enemy pilot's arms as well as tearing apart the enemy plane.
  • Getter Bite: Honghu opens its mouth part and bites its enemy.

Getter Lufeng (ゲッター緑鳳 Getter Green Phoenix)[]

Getter Robo Lufeng

Getter Lufeng is piloted by Takeo Midorikawa. It is built for aerial combat.


Getter Bailong (ゲッター白龍 Getter White Dragon)[]

Getter Robo Bailong

Getter Bailong is piloted by Tsutsuno Byakuya. It is built for underwater combat.



  • Getter Honghu's name is originated from the mahjong tile "Chun-ryu"🀄 (紅中 Red Dragon Tile). Also from the Chinese words, "Hóng" (红 Red) and "Hǔ" (虎 Tiger).
  • Getter Lufeng's name is originated from the mahjong tile "Hatsu-Ryu"🀅 (緑發 Green Dragon Tile). The face of the "Iisō"🀐 tile is a bird. Also from the Chinese words, "Lǜ" (绿 Green) and "Fèng" (鳳 Pheonix).
  • Getter Bailong's name is originated from the mahjong tile "Haku-ryu"🀆 (白板 White Dragon Tile). Also from the Chinese words, "Bái" (白 White) and "Lóng" (龍 Dragon).



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