Getter Robo Wiki

Getter Robo is a multimedia franchise by Dynamic Productions co-created by Ken Ishikawa and his employer Go Nagai. It one of Dynamic Productions most popular franchises alongside Go Nagai's, Mazinger Z. Both of which are know for introducing popular tropes in the mecha genre, in Getter Robo's case, the combining mecha trope.


Getter Robo was conceived when Ken Ishikawa having returned to Dynamic Productions went over some old designs for Mazinger including a combining robot. With permission from Go Nagai, he was allowed to reuse and redesign the robot and use his characters to create Getter Robo. It was ultimately a success that spawned several sequels and spin-offs and has a large cult following it second to Mazinger but both behind Mobile Suit Gundam.


The usual formula of the series involved a robot that was powered by the elusive Getter Rays and a battle against a powerful force that threatens humanity. The eponymous robot is piloted by three pilots who have above average abilities needed to pilot the intense pressure exerted by the robot. The manga, especially later stories take things a step further by delving into Getter Rays and what role it plays in humanity's evolution and the fate of the world.