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Getter Robo
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Vital statistics
Title Getter Robo, Getter I, Getter II, Getter III
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Gender N/A
Race Mecha
Affiliation GETTER
Status Active

Getter Robo is the title robot featured in Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness, as the weapon against the Idea. It is similar in design to the original model but it is more refined. It is piloted chiefly by Ryo, Hayato, and Musashi in the Eagle, Jaguar, and Bear units respectively.

Forms and Functions[]

The Getter Robo like other models is composed of three jet units known as Getter Machines including: the red Unit 1 Eagle, the blue Unit 2 Jaguar, and the yellow Unit 3 Bear. The combined forms are written with Roman numerals instead of the Arabic variety seen on other versions. It is also powered by Anti-Getter Rays instead of the basic kind. There also exists an Idea in its own body to properly channel the Getter Rays.

Getter I[]

The air combat mode formed from the formation of Eagle-Jaguar-Bear. It is able to fly through the Getter Wing cape, especially when launching off the Getter Bomber. It features a special interface for its pilot Ryo who can link up to the robot with his bionic arms allowing him to pilot it without any training and can even control it with his arms instead of a series of levers. It is armed with the Getter Tomahawk and a Getter Beam that can completely annihilate an Idea.

Getter II[]

The land combat mode formed from Jaguar-Bear-Eagle. It specializes in high speed both on and below ground. Instead of a standard drill for a left arm, it is able to change forms including the tentacle-like Drill Worm that can ensnare enemies. The tip, called the Drill Viper can also be fired like a missile.

Getter III[]

The water combat mode formed from Bear-Eagle-Jaguar. Compared to other counterparts it lack caterpillar tracks on the lower body and it is a more submarine-like to allow easier movement through water. It is equipped with turbines on its shoulders for both movement and can perform a move called the Getter Tornado by getting currents to role up with them.

Getter Robo Darkness[]

A form taken by the Getter I formation in the battle against the Idea Robo Astartiat. After its systems were badly damaged, Anti-Getter Rays flowed through the entire body turning it jet black. The mouth is given large tusks giving it a fanged monster-like appearance. It is also given a ruthless and brutal behavior partly due to Anti-Getter Rays reacting to strong emotions like rage. Its Getter Beam when concentrated at the abdomen is a force of destruction able to blast away an entire area and an Idea.