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Getter Noir (ゲッターノワール) is an original Getter Robo from an alternate timeline. It is present in the games Super Robot Wars X-Ω and Super Robot Wars DD. Much like Shin Getter Dragon (Daikessen) and Mazin Emperor G. The Getter Noirs are cllassified as Dynamic Planning Original in Super Robot Wars series.

Getter Noir Unit 1 (ゲッターノワール1号機)[]

Getter Noir Unit 1 in Super Robot Wars DD

  • Pilot: Ryoma (Noir)

Weapons and Attacks:

  • Getter Cutter: The sharp blades on the forearms.
  • Getter Dragoon 7000: A pair of revolver handguns.
  • Tactical G: A pair of combat knives.
  • Getter Beam (DD event only): Shoots a concentrated beam of Getter Rays from stomach.
  • Gunfight Hurricane: Getter Noir Unit 1 attacks the enemy with Getter Cutter before finishes off with a rapid fire from Getter Dragoon 7000.

Getter Noir Unit 2 (ゲッターノワール2号機)[]

Getter Noir Unit 2 in Super Robot Wars DD

  • Pilot: Hayato (Noir)

Weapons and Attacks:

  • Phantom Drill: The drill on left arm.
  • Phantom Wedge: Shoot the Phantom Drill as a drill missile.
  • Getter Disassembly: Getter Noir Unit 2 performs the Getter Vision to strikes an enemy at high speed and finishes off with a powerful strike from Phantom Drill.
  • Getter Bogen: The bowgun on right arm that can fires a laser. Can be charge for a more powerful blast.

Getter Noir Unit 3 (ゲッターノワール3号機)[]

Getter Noir Unit 3 in Super Robot Wars DD

  • Pilot: Musashi (Noir)

Weapons and Attacks:

  • Getter Cluster: The small missile launchers on the torso.
  • Cannonball 大砲弾: A pair of missiles attached to the sides of its head.
  • Getter Jigoku Oroshi: Getter Noir Unit 3 grabs an enemy and performs a powerful throwing attack that generates a crimson tornado.

Getter Noir G (ゲッターノワールG)[]

Getter Noir G is the combined form of three Getter Noir units.

  • Order: Noir 1+Noir 2+Noir 3
  • Pilot: Ryoma (Noir)

Weapons and Attacks:

  • Getter Cutter: The blades on both arms and legs.
  • Getter Tomahawk: A pair of gigantic hand axes. It's design is similar to Getter-1's Tomahawk but wih double-edged instead of single-edged.
  • Tomahawk Boomerang: Throw the tomahawks as a boomerang-type weapon.
  • Double Tomahawk Darkness: Getter Noir G's combines the Getter Tomahawaks into poleaxe and strikes the enemy.
  • Getter Beam: A black-crimson beam of Getter Rays, fired from Noir G's forehead.
  • Giganto Missile Storm: A pair of large missiles on both legs that can spread into multiple missiles.

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