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We're waiting for you, Getter Team!

―An alternate Ryoma Nagare inside the Emperor


Getter Emperor is an entity from an alternate world seen at the last episode of the OVA.


Getter Emperor are three gigantic machines the size of a planet resembling Getter 1, 2, and 3. Emperor Eagle resembles its original counterpart with a few minor differences including the number of fins on its head, the position of green panels, and compared to its counterpart, appears more UFO-like much like the manga version's components. Emperor Jaguar is still significantly similar to the original, but with protruding fins from its sides and a sharper head. Emperor Bear is almost wall-like in appearance, but with one green panel on his forehead, along with missiles resembling that of the original Bear.


The Getter Emperor is an immensely powerful being able to use Getter Rays to levels beyond comprehension. Its Getter Beam is able to destroy an entire fleet of Invaders. Emperor's entire energy output is even stated to surpass the big bang. Surrounding the Emperor are smaller ships that resemble its components that it commands, also known as the Getter Army. Getter Emperor is also capable of creating copies based off the original pilots, including Ryoma Nagare. All of this is possible through a self-evolutionary function that happens with every battle.


After defeating Cowen and Stinger through the Final Getter Tomahawk, a fleshy invader-like tear into another dimension opens up near Pluto threatening to suck the solar system into it. The Getter Teams resort to combining the reactors of Shin Dragon and Shin Getter Robo to activate the Shin Shine Spark and charge through the tear. Once inside, the teams confront an armada of getter star ships dwarfing the Shin Dragon and beside them is the Emperor Eagle dwarfing those ships. In the middle of battle against an unknown enemy, the Getter Teams are confronted by an alternate version of Ryoma looking at them from the Emperor Eagle stating that he was waiting for them. The older Getter Team decides to send their younger counterparts away from the battle despite their pleas before the tear into that dimension is utterly annihilated by Getter energy.