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General Bat (Daikessen!)
General Bat.PNG
Vital statistics
Title General Bat
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Deceased

General Bat was Emperor Gore's second-in-command and a high ranking warrior within the Dinosaur Empire.


General Bat was a tall humanoid, he had a large pterodactyl like headdress with wings and a small head like crest in the center. He had a small mustache matching some facial hair-like follicles on his eyebrows and the top of his nose. He wore a long black cape over an armored suit. In Daikessen, his skin color is tan, has a black hair color, and a dark maroon headdress. However, his in-game profile shows him with a gray skin color and his eyes feature red irises, yellow sclera, and blue outlines. His armor and most of his body is colored Iris-Purple. As a cyborg, he has a mechanical left eye with metallic plating, a glowing red eye, and a yellow earpiece.


General Bat was devoted to his Empire, as well as his master Gore. He however was far more cool headed than his Lord, and knew when he was defeated.