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Fourth Unit
Vital statistics
Title Fourth Unit
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Genderless
Race Hyakki Beasts
Affiliation Hyakki Empire
Status Deceased

The Hyakki Beast referred to only as the Fourth Unit was amongst the many that attacked in the final push of the Hyakki Empire.


It was a tall humanoid Beast with white armor. Its head was tucked away into his neck revealing two large glassy eyes. On his arms were two large twin drills.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Fourth Unit could tunnel underground with his drills and get through thick steel walls, he could presumably use them for combat also.


The Fourth Unit was sent as Emperor Burai's trump card, it was assigned to attack the Saotome Research Institute and hunt for survivors. All of  which had hidden in a underground shelter. The Fourth Unit begins tunneling down until he reaches the shelter and begins to drill inside, killing a scientist as he did so. However as he pushes his head through the wall it is pierced by Getter Liger's drill.