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Empress Jatego
Vital statistics
Title Empress Jatego
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Deceased

Empress Jatego is Emperor Gore's successor as leader of the Dinosaur Empire. While her exact relationship to Gore and later rulers are unknown, she continues his plans to retake the surface and destroy the Getter Robo. She serves as the primary antagonist of the second half of the Getter Robo Go manga.

Appearance and Personality[]

Jatego has a reptilian humanoid appearance with a large headdress-like crest with a few machines attached to it. She is also seen with a cloak covering most of her body. On the cloak are numerous decorations that show unique designs. Jatego like her predecessor has a strong desire to claim the surface after the failure to do so years prior to her plan. Unlike Gore, she is willing to bide her time and take the chance when it comes rather than just rush into battle. Like Gore though, she acknowledges the threat of the Getter Robo and strives to destroy it whenever possible.


Jatego has command over the entire Dinosaur Empire including its army and weaponry. She also employs strategies that involve attacking from the inside using spies from the Empire's army.


While it is unknown when Jatego took the throne, it is revealed in a Drama CD that she employed the Chiryu Clan to infiltrate the Saotome Institute in order to steal the Getter Robo G. Years later, she would send a spy going under the name Count Rasetsu to oversee Prof. Lando and provide assistance from the shadows. By the time Lando outlived his usefulness, he was killed off and Jatego took command of his armies and technology. She began to bring the Earth's climate back to what it was back in prehistoric times and send troops to destroy the Shin Getter Robo. By the time the Getter was activated, Jatego sent the entire Dinosaur Army to try and destroy it but the Getter only overpowered everything thrown at it killing Jatego in the process absorbing her into the Getter consciousness. 


  • It is never explained what her relationship with the previous ruler Emperor Gore is, however assuming that that Gore was the first with the name, it is possible that Jatego is his daughter and that Emperor Gore III is either her brother, nephew or child.