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Emperor Gore III
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Vital statistics
Title Emperor Gore III
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Person
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Alive,

Emperor Gore III is the ruler of the Dinosaur Empire succeeding Emperor Gore (his father) and Empress Jatego. He is also the older half-brother of Kamui Sho.

Appearance and Personality[]

Gore III resembles Gore including a similar headdress but has a darker color, has locks of black hair down the sides of his head, and wears a dark gown over his body. Gore also sports a crest on his forehead. He is dedicated to keeping the Dinosaur Empire in glory and is willing to work with past enemies of the empire, if and only so he can strike back later. While a purebred Dinosaur Person, Gore III lacks the same charisma of other rulers and he is actually afraid of Kamui usurping him.

Gore III tries to maintain polite, soft-spoken and regal attitude, but has hard time hiding strong emotions (much like his father). This is evident when he sees Kamui embrace his mother (as a result of Takuma's little well-calculated mischief) and makes infuriated grimaces in front of his subjects, and later, when he's very visibly terrified that Kamui might kill him. Quite unlike his father, Gore III seems to lack both confidence and bravery.


Gore III controls the empire given his high position, but as he lacks proper leadership skills, he is unable to get people on his side in times of crisis including Kamui's coup.


Gore III appeared when the Getter Team visited the Dinosaur Empire in their base. He and Hayato explain the alliance against the Andromeda Country to take out their common threat. When Kamui was alone, he and the rest of the empire no longer needed to hide their intentions of stabbing the Saotome Institute in the back once the threat is over. However when their mission was completed, Kamui had come back and had usurped Gore of his throne. Gore was stunned by this and even more terrified of Kamui acquiring a weapon that could not only destroy the Getter Robo but even humanity. He seems to have calmed down when Kamui tells him that he doesn't intend to physically threaten him.

In the anime, it's Gore III who makes a declaration of war to the humans, tricking them into believing he's still in charge. However, for some reason Kamui also shows up on the hologram, making it obvious that he supports Dinosaur Empire's third attempt to conquer humankind. What happens to Gore III afterwards is never specified; it's speculated that between last pre-credit scene and epilogue of the anime he managed to convince everyone - both his subjects and humans - that this failed war was purely Kamui's idea which he didn't approve of and followed only because he was forced to, reclaimed his throne and sentenced Kamui to lifelong imprisonment on Mars.



  • Him being named Gore the Third creates an info gap of sorts; the previous (male) ruler of the Dinosaur Empire was Gore (without any numerics, i.e. Gore the First), and Gore III is explicitly stated to be his son. The only logical explanation would be that there was Gore II, who briefly ruled Saurians between Gore and Jatego. But this, in turn, means that Gore the First had at least two sons he named after himself (or that Gore the First had a younger brother, also named Gore). His relationship to Empress Jatego is never explained, as no info exists on her position in Saurian royal bloodline.
  • It is said that Gore III is not very popular among the Saurians, probably being a mediocre ruler. This makes him even more paranoid of Kamui; having failed to hide the fact that Kamui even exists from citizens of his empire, Gore III makes sure that truth about Kamui's bloodline remains a secret known to select few, including Professor Han. Otherwise Kamui's already considerable popularity among the Saurian people grows even bigger as he's finally seen as a legitimate prince of Dinosaur Empire that he is, and more worthy of throne in eyes of many.
    • Gore III's low popularity might stem from the fact that he took reign over Dinosaur Empire in times of crisis (after it suffered a crushing defeat at Jatego's unsuccessful attempt to invade surface of the Earth, plus supplying Lando and building vast army of Mechasauruses has put a strain on empire's economy and didn't pay off), and failed to resolve its consequences in a matter that would satisfy majority of Saurians. Well, not everyone is cut to be a competent crisis manager.
    • That being said, Gore III's popular support is far from zero. When Kamui asks Gore III to transfer the power peacefully, he rationalizes it by saying that otherwise his and Gore's supporters could start a civil war - which is the thing Kamui doesn't want to happen, given his views and, even more importantly, circumstances.
  • Gore III blackmails Kamui by keeping his mother hostage. He promises that once Kamui does his part in bringing down humankind's most potent weapon in upcoming third war for Earth's surface, he'll promote Kamui to his right hand man and create a resort for Kamui and his mother to live in. It's never revealed how genuine is this promise, however, given Gore III's paranoid and backstabbing personality, it's more than likely that he wouldn't keep his word once Kamui outlived his usefulness.