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Emperor Gore
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Vital statistics
Title Emperor Gore
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Voice Actor(s) Hiromu Jin
Status Deceased at end of series

Emperor Gore is the leader of the Dinosaur Empire. Much like his manga counterpart, he strives to dominate the surface to bring the Dinosaur Empire back into its former glory. He served as the main antagonist of the first part of the anime, but after the introduction of Yura the Great, he becomes more of a secondary antagonist.


Gore is a large bipedal Dinosaur Man with a mostly purple body, on his belly are subcaudal scales with similar patterned scales on his forearms. Compared to his manga counterpart, he has a more human-esque face that is colored turquoise including a visible nose instead of a snout. His eyes consist of pink sclera and black irises. Gore's head has a cobra like headdress with flaps going down the sides of his head. He also wears a cape that covers most of his body.


Gore is dead set on reclaiming the surface as the empire did in the past. He is a ruthless warlord, using whatever means to achieve his goal, even in spite of the Mechasaurus' weakness to Getter Rays. Gore is unforgiving of failure and of traitors, with the punishment being pushed into the earth's magma. The only one he ever showed any affection for was his daughter Gola. After being reduced to a mere figurehead by Yura, Gore demonstrates great grief about being used by him.


Gore had overseen all operations of the empire since the first Mechasaurus launch and when the Getter Robo was deployed to fight all threats. Every time the operations went wrong, Gore would have the captains in charge executed. After multiple failures, Yura presented himself and provided more forceful approaches that made Gore his puppet. At the end of the series, Gore was destroyed along with Yura and a few of the higher ranked military as Musashi's kamikaze destroyed Dai.