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Emperor Gore
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Vital statistics
Title Emperor Gore
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Voice Actor(s) Kozo Shioya
Status Deceased

Emperor Gore is the leader of the Dinosaur Empire. Desiring the surface after over millennia of time in the Earth's magma, he leads the attack on major cities of Earth and the area where the Empire's greatest threat, the Getter Robo lurks.

Appearance and Personality[]

Emperor Gore stands at least 6 feet high with a mostly dark purplish-blue reptilian body, yellow belly scales, a cobra-like flap on his head with red inner scales, three-pronged hands, two-pronged toes with clawed heels, and wears a long purple cape with a ruffled top.

Gore is highly prideful believing that the Dinosaur People are superior to humanity in every way, having no qualms in using or getting rid of them. However, Gore was terrified just being near the Getter Robo due to the effects Getter Rays have on his kind.


As the ruler of the Dinosaur Empire, Gore has the full authority and command of its armies and their weapons. While Gore has usually just ordered his soldiers around to do tasks, he is a capable pilot, able to control a ship that can move on land and water.