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The Dragon Turtle is a large battleship used by the forces of Vega Zone in they're invasion and is commanded by Count Rasetsu.

Appearance and Abilities[]

The Dragon Turtle is a large hi-tech battleship armed with turrets and cannons at all angles as well as a giant laser cannon at the front. As the frontline invasion weapon, it possesses a powerful hide that convential weaponry and powered plasma cannot completely penetrate. The ship also holds an army of Metal Beasts.


When the Allied Robot Corps put up more resistance than expected, the Dragon Turtle was launched. Count Rasetsu was put in charge of the new wave of attacks. The massive army however, was overwhelmed over the time by the Allied Robot Corps. But it took the combined might of the Allied Robot Corps and the Getter Robo Go as well as a kamikaze attack of Captain, ramming the Battleship Texas into the Dragon Turtle and then firing The Dober Cannon at full power, blowing up the Dragon Turtle and killing all of it's crew, including Count Rasetsu. The surviving members of the Robot Corps managed to escape before the Dragon Turtle exploded, to fight in the last battle against the Vega Zone.