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The Dragon Turtle is a large battleship used by the forces of Vega Zone in the invasion of Alaska and is commanded by Baron Yasha.

Appearance and Abilities[]

The Dragon Turtle is a large hi-tech battleship armed with turrets and cannons at all angles. As the frontline invasion weapon, it possesses a powerful hide that convential weaponry and powered plasma cannot completely penetrate. The ship also holds an army of Metal Beasts.


When the Allied Robot Corps put up more resistance than expected, the Dragon Turtle was launched. Count Rasetsu intervened however as he disagreed with Yasha's plan. The massive army overwhelmed the US military and it took the combined might of the Allied Robot Corps and the Getter Robo Go to breach a hole in its hide with the Stilva doing a kamikaze to make it inside. The Getter fought against the Garon Z-54 inside while Rasetsu and Yasha fought given the current circumstances with a ship ready to blow the Dragon Turtle apart. After Rasetsu killed Yasha, he left the Dragon Turtle to its fate. The surviving members of the Robot Corps managed to escape before the Dragon Turtle exploded.