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Dr. Shikishima
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Shikishima
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation GETTER
Status Active

Dr. Shikishima is a mad scientist under GETTER and the developer of the Getter Robo. Amongst the characters in Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness, Shikishima is the only character who retains both his original appearance, role, and mannerisms.


Dr. Shikishima has a deformed appearance, likely from his many weapon tests with his right eye looking like it's falling out of its socket and an ever grinning face with his molars showing. He is bald up top with aged white hair going down his head. He is always dressed in a white lab coat with a shirt, tie, and pants. For footwear, he wears a pair of sandals.


Dr. Shikishima fits the mold of a stereotypical mad scientist, highly ambitious with his work and quite easily insane by the common man's standards. He believes his purpose is to create the strongest and most destructive weapons possible with the Getter Robo being his "ultimate slaughter weapon". Dr. Shikishima himself also shares his original counterpart's dream of dying in the most destructive way possible, usually by his own weapons. He is also rather lecherous around Musashi, often groping her breasts.


Dr. Shikishima is a world renowned scientist in weapons development. Most of his creations being considered weapons of mass destruction. Because of this and the state of Japan, he was considered ideal for dealing with the Idea. Dr. Shikishima is quite capable on his own, able to take on a humanoid Idea.