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Dr. Saotome
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Vital statistics
Title Dr. Saotome
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 50s
Affiliation Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Kosei Tomita
Status Active

Dr. Saotome is the director of the Saotome Institute with the lead authority in Getter Ray research. He is also the father of Tatsuhito, Michiru, and Genki Saotome as well as the husband of Kazuko Saotome.


Dr. Saotome is an old man with a wide frame and short stature, graying hair with a beard, and is usually seen in a white lab coat and geta.


Compared to his intimidating and morally questionable manga counterpart, Dr. Saotome is seen as being friendly and gentle yet reprimands the Getter Team if they show bad teamwork. He can be rather stubborn shown when he attempted to pilot the Getter Robo for a period of time before losing control due to his old age.


As the lead scientist in Getter Rays, Dr. Saotome is an expert in its effects as well as the lead designer in the Getter Robo. He has shown to pilot a Getter Machine for a period of time but due to his old age, it can bring great internal damage to himself.


Dr. Saotome had been studying Getter Rays for a good number of years and was developing the Getter Robo for space travel until the Dinosaur Empire attacked. Dr. Saotome had to send his son Tatsuhito in the prototype Getter Robo into the battle which resulted in his death. With the loss of his son, Dr. Saotome was ready to fight but his daughter Michiru wouldn't let him and Musashi took the place of piloting the Bear unit. As a result Dr. Saotome served as an adviser for the Getter Team including when Musashi sacrificed himself in the final battle against the Dinosaur Empire. When the Hyakki Empire began to sortie, Dr. Saotome attempted to pilot the Poseidon unit for Getter Robo G until Benkei Kurama was recruited.