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Dinosaur Soldiers (Daikessen!)
Dinosaur Soldiers-Daikessen.PNG
Vital statistics
Title Dinosaur Soldiers
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Seemingly only males
Race Dinosaur people
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire
Status Not Active

For the anime versions see Dinosaur Soldiers (Anime). For the manga versions see Dinosaur Soldiers.

The Dinosaur Soldiers are the main infantry of the Dinosaur Empire. They are often used when the Reptiloids are not enough as well as their general replacements.


The soldiers have bipedal reptilian bodies and large mohawk's on their head. They wear heavy body armour with oversized shoulder pads and knee guards. A very few of them have different appearances. Some of them are dressed in clothes similar to clothes of Tusken Raiders from Star Wars movies.

Powers and Abilities[]

The soldiers seem to be trained to work with weaponry such as guns. Some Soldiers also seem to be trained to pilot various aircrafts including Mechasaurs. Compared to the Reptiloids, they are less animalistic and prefer to use weapons over might.


The Dinosaur Soldiers usually appear with their superiors for operations. Sometimes they fight and serve as guards throughout the empire.