Dino Getter is a manga series by Kazumi Hoshi for the 40th anniversary of Getter Robo. It introduces the Dino Getter Robo in an original eight chapter story about a battle between the Getter Team and the dominant Dinosaur Empire.


The Dinosaur Empire has conquered Earth with the humans being hunted down like wild animals. Nagare in his time as a young boy lost his parents and made a friend named Goki who protected him from the hunters. When Goki was killed, Nagare gained courage to stand up to the hunters but fell down a cliff after being hit by a spear. He was saved from death by the Dino Getter Robo and Saotome who gave Nagare bionic implants to save his life and control the Getter in an effort to fight against the Empire using Getter Rays. Spending years training until adulthood, Nagare set out to fight the empire. The Dinosaur Empire Lord Komodo prepares for battle with this new threat with Nagare emerging victorious.

Fighting against a couple Mechasaurs, Nagare and Dr. Saotome find a human guerrilla resistance lead by a burly young man named Tomoe. With a rocky start, they enter an alliance with the group. Later they rescue Tomoe's companion Jin, a human who was part of the resistance and was given solace by the Dinosaur Empire princess Naga after being captured. When Naga was killed by her brother Drago for pitying a human, Jin joined up with Ryoma and the others to avenge Naga.

After many fights, the Getter Team manage to turn the situation around getting the humans to form an uprising. They soon fight against Naga and Drago's father Ghoul and his monstrous transformation, Shoryuoh. The immense power of Ghoul pushes the Getter back and while the Getter was able to make a comeback, they learned that Saotome was actually the one manipulating the events of the series from the start, causing the evolution of modern reptiles and birds into the Dinosaur People and using the invasion to get access to the empire's technology and find suitable pilots to lead humans in their evolution. Saotome's voice speaks to them through the head-like appendage as the Getter was caught in its jaw to finish the job. The Getter team then puts everything they have into the Getter Rays, pushing them to their limits destroying Ghoul.

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