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Devilman vs. Getter Robo (Devilman Tai Getter Robo, デビルマン対ゲッターロボ) is a 2010 crossover manga by Go Nagai and Dynamic Productions featuring the protagonists of their respective series against an alliance of their villains. It is the second of a series of crossovers by Go Nagai featuring some of Dynamic Production's key series after Cutie Honey vs. Abashiri Ikka. The manga uses elements from different mediums that were once exclusive to those series such as the Getter Queen in a new form. A sequel called Demon Lord Dante vs. Getter Robo G was produced some years later.


The Getter Robo fights yet another Mechasaurus, with Michiru Saotome rushing out of the shower and being teased. With yet another Mechasaurus defeated, the Dinosaur Empire is contacted by a group of demons lead by Sirene in an alliance. Coming to the Saotome Institute are Miki Makimura (a friend of Michiru) and her childhood friend Akira Fudo. While relations between the male parties are a little rocky, Miki and Michiru go the lab's hot springs but are ambushed by demons that attack the institute. Akira as his alter-ego Devilman manages to save the girls while the Getter Team manage to fend off the demons in the hallways. During the fight, the Getter Team learns Akira's secret promising not to tell anyone. The Getter Robo mobilizes with Mechasaurs attacking. With demons including Sirene fusing with the Mechasaurs, Devilman merges with the Getter Robo, forming Devil Getter while Miki and Michiru lend a helping hand in the prototype two-person Getter Queen. Devilman manages to convince Sirene to de-fuse with the machinery and she leaves as the alliance between the Dinosaur Empire ends. The Getter Team bids Akira and Miki farewell as they discuss where to visit next.

Similarities and Differences[]

The Getter Team is based more on their anime designs and personalities whereas the Devilman characters are based on their manga designs but share personality traits of the anime counterparts. The previously anime-exclusive Getter Queen is given a redesign and function.