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A group of demons working under Sirene.

Demons are an ancient species of mutated humans that existed since prehistoric times. They served as the main antagonistic group in the manga, Devilman by Go Nagai and appeared in the crossover manga Devilman vs. Getter Robo under Sirene in an alliance with the Dinosaur Empire.

Abilities and Behavior[]

All of the demons were once like regular humans but by some means gained the ability to fuse with matter in order to survive in the harsh environment of prehistoric times which gave them stronger forms. The matter does not appear to limited to organic tissue as shown when Sirene fused with a few Mechasaurs, but seemingly unique to the crossover event the demons are shown capable of defusing with their components (something that was never done before in the original manga). Most of the demon race as a whole act with Social Darwinistic behavior; seeing humans and other races as below them, and themselves as superior lifeforms.


The demons were once physically similar to humans but later gained the ability to fuse with matter that increased their chances of survival. Often they competed with the dinosaurs for control over the Earth until both species were forced into hiding from the Great Extinction events. Surfacing in modern times, some demons attempted to fuse with humans in order to regain the forms they lost, some of which created Devilmen, humans with ability to overpower the influence of demons due to their pure hearts. As the demons could not overcome a certain Devilman, a group entered an alliance with the Dinosaur Empire who were having trouble with the Getter Robo in order for both parties to eliminate both of their enemies. The attack was repelled when Devilman and the Getter Team fought back against the alliance together and managed to defeat them with both forces pulling back.


The demons of the Devilman franchise seem to bear noticible similarities to the Oni, and the franchise in general:

  • Both are mutated forms of life with the intent to conquer all life.
  • Both series feature a prominent character who underwent a transformation into a type of demon in their back stories.
  • Both franchises chronologically end up with a seeming ally (or type of ally) acting as a danger to whatever form of life remains.
  • Additionally, both franchises deal with evolution in some form.

List of Demons[]