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Deep Desire
Season Getter Robo Arc, Episode 11
Air date September 16, 2021
Written by Naoki Ōhira
Directed by Michita Shiraishi
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"Deep Desire" (Shukugan, 宿願) is the 11th episode of the Getter Robo Arc Anime.





Characters appearing[]


Abilities used[]

  • Getter Arc:
    • Getter Beam
    • Thunder Bomber
    • Arc Shine Bomber
  • Getter Kirik: TBA
  • Getter Khan: TBA


Get ready to suffer and die! Not even your father, Ryoma Nagare, could defeat this legendary beast, the almighty Uzala! Now meet your demise along with the last remnant of Atlantis, Getter Arc!

Carter McDonald

Notes & Trivia[]

  • A tie-in game, "Musashi Never Dies", was released after the premiere of the episode.
  • This episode marks the very first and this far only animated appearance of Uzahra.

Continuity Notes[]

Callbacks to previous Getter Robo series[]

  • The Getter Arc's new finisher, Arc Shine Bomber, is a callback to Getter Robo G's Shine Spark ability.

Changes from the original manga[]

  • Carter McDonald and the rest of the Andromeda Country members sacrificed their lives by letting Arc to kill them upon the latter entering the unlocked gate. In this episode, the group unleashes Uzahra to combat against Arc on a long battle before the former's defeat.