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Cowen V.png
Vital statistics
Title Cowen
Japanese Name コーウェン
Gender Male
Race Human (Invader infected)
Age (Elderly)
Affiliation Saotome Institute,


Voice Actor(s) Ikuya Sawaki (Majuu Sensen), Daisuke Gōri, replaced by Kenta Miyake post-mortem
Status Controlled by Invaders (1-13),

Deceased (13)

Cowen was one of the Getter Ray researchers working under Dr. Saotome. By an unprecedented time, he was infected with Invaders becoming one of its advance guard along with his coworker Stinger.

Appearance and Personality[]

Cowen is an older man always wearing sunglasses. He has dark skin with large visible lips and blonde hair in a mane-like fashion. In his and Stinger's gestalt form, he serves as the lower body under the shell that is Stinger with Cowen's face on the chest. This state has given him purple skin.

Cowen is a mad scientist possessing an unhealthy obsession with the Getter Rays. He is loyal to Dr. Saotome and was close with Stinger, addressing him with the "kun" suffix.

Abilities and Equipment[]

As one of the leading researchers in Getter Rays, Cowen knows how to fully weaponize Getter Rays and can even pilot the Metal Beast Poseidon after being infected with Invaders. He is an expert saboteur, able to shut down inter-country communication and even rig an explosive trap for ambassadors.

In the combined form of Cowen and Stinger, Cowen's half releases attacks on enemies by shooting them through his mouth while Stinger often provides the energy for these attacks.


Cowen and Stinger always worked close with Dr. Saotome. By the time Dr. Saotome was infected by Invaders, they followed suit. After the Japanese government started to interfere with their plans, Cowen shut down communications and killed the ambassadors. Years later, he would be an advance guard for the Invaders and later joined Dr. Saotome in battle with Metal Beast Dragon. Although they held an advantage against the powerful Shin Getter Robo using an illusion, Cowen and Stinger were apparently killed after the pilots break out of an illusion and use a Stoner Sunshine on Metal Beast Dragon. However they survived and plotted to change Jupiter into a Getter Ray sun but changed into a large monster that was slain by the Final Tomahawk.


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  • Cowen's appearance is based on Dr. Shot from Majuu Sensen.