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Count Rasetsu
Vital statistics
Title Count Rasetsu
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Dinosaur Man
Affiliation Dinosaur Empire,

Vega Zone (formerly)

Status Unknown

Count Rasetsu is one of the executives of Vega Zone and a personal aid of Prof. Lando. It is later revealed that he is actually an officer of the Dinosaur Empire who worked for Lando only to take his fortress from him in the name of Empress Jatego.

Appearance and Personality[]

Count Rasetsu in his human disguise resembles a young human man with long black hair and an athletic build. Unlike his anime counterpart, he lacks a face on his stomach. In this form he shows loyalty to Prof. Lando until his usefulness to the Empire expires. He was not in a very good relationship with his coworker Baron Yasha shown when he got in the way of Yasha's plans and got into a scuffle with him. When the artificial skin is peeled off, Rasetsu reveals his scaly hide and sharp teeth along with his loyal intentions to the Dinosaur Empire by getting rid of any competition to the empire ruling the world.


Rasetsu usually stayed with Prof. Lando throughout his appearances. By the time that the Metal Beasts failed to conquer North America, Rasetsu approaches Lando on the effectiveness of his plans. Insulted, Prof. Lando physically lashed out at Rasetsu doing so took apart his artificial skin revealing Rasetsu's true identity as a Dinosaur Empire officer. He kills Lando and opens the empire to the resources of Vega Zone.