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Bunji Daiko
Vital statistics
Title Bunji Daiko
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Himself
Voice Actor(s) Koji Yada
Status Active

Bunji Daiko is an inventor owning a laboratory in his own home. He is the self proclaimed "Invention Freak of Asama".


Bunji is an overweight young man with messy black hair tied in a ponytail, thin eyebrows, and a large nose. He is usually seen with a green overalls over a yellow shirt with red outlines.


Bunji is passionate about his inventions, working much of his time and energy, in spite of the noise it causes for others. He is not particularly social, preferring to live and work alone but he gained an instant crush on Michiru Saotome calling her "Michiru-hime". Also since Michiru requested it, Bunji allowed to take Joho as an apprentice. His boastful and flirtatious attitude gets him into a few arguments with the Getter Team, particularly Musashi Tomoe who also has a crush on Michiru.


Bunji is an inventor of nearly unmatched capability able to create a robot with great artificial intelligence, Sentaro. He also had a hand in creating the Getter Navalon Gun's shelling ammunition.


  • Bunji was originally going to replace Musashi in Getter Robo G, until it was decided to use the new character Benkei instead.