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Vital statistics
Title Bug
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Gender Genderless
Race Super Robot
Affiliation Andromeda Country

Dinosaur Empire

Status Unknown

Bug (バグ Bagu) was the ultimate weapon of the Andromeda Country and designed by survivors of the Hyakki Empire. While it was left incomplete during the fight against the Andromeda Country, the plans were given to Kamui Sho to complete with the technology of the Dinosaur Empire.

Bug also makes appearance in Getter Robo Anthology - Shinka no Ishi. In the 2nd chapter, "Final Destination", it popped out of time portal and fought Getter Robo Hien.


Bug is a gigantic mecha that vaguely mimics the Getter Robo Arc. It has very heavy build with massive upper torso, dome-like shoulders and thick clawed arms. As its name implies, Bug is somewhat insectoid in appearance, complete with chitin-like armor and large mandibles. Bug's armor is highly ornate and has patterns of black markings, its eyes have triangular pupils, and on its forehead, Bug sports a large illuminator-like window through which pilot can observe the battlefield.

Powers and Abilities[]

Getter Robo Arc[]

Bug's appearance in Getter Robo Anthology

Bug's powers were never fully revealed in the manga, but its chief developer Carter McDonald claims that if he had it completed, it could take on whole army of Getters and emerge victorious. Bug is shown to completely overpower Getter Arc, tearing off its arm and severely damaging half of its body, and this is preceded by a destructive lightning bolt - but it's unclear if bolt is generated by Bug itself. Moments later, when Shin Dragon emerges from the ground, Kamui is confident that Bug can take on it.

Getter Robo Anthology[]

Bug, piloted by Kamui, makes an appearance in second chapter of Getter Robo Anthology - Shinka no Ishi, where it battles Getter Robo Hien. Here, Bug's powers and even size seem to be toned down considerably, as it fought Hien to a draw and even got badly damaged in the process. Eventually, Bug was sucked back into time-space anomaly it came from, leaving Hien team and Hayato Jin wondering just what they have encountered.


Bug was in heavy development by the collaboration between the Andromeda Country and the remaining members of the Hyakki Empire. As the mothership was about to be destroyed, Carter McDonald sent Bug's core unit back into Earth's past and entrusted Kamui with Bug's plans. After Kamui gains control of the Dinosaur Empire, he uses the Empire's resources to complete Bug and enters battle against the Getter. Bug overwhelms its opponent, then Getter Dragon in its evolved state appears behind Getter Arc. These were the very last page of Getter Robo Saga.

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Sigma Saken (Seiten War Frider).jpeg

  • Bug's name comes from the manga Seiten Taisen Flieder Bug (セイテン大戦フリーダーバグ Seiten taisen furīdā bagu) by Ken Ishikawa and Kitaro, where Bug is a family with the ability to control powerful primordial robots called Seikun. In fact, Bug's appearance is even based on Sigma Seikun (シグム・セイクン Shigumu Sei-kun), a mecha with the ability to manipulate wind. Threrefore, Bug technically made its debut in Seiten Taisen Flieder Bug.
    • In the anime, Professor Han says that it is able to reconfigure Earth and even the whole Universe. It's also a reference to Seiten Taisen Flieder Bug, as terraforming worlds was exactly the main purpose of all Seikun.
    • Notably, Bug in Getter Robo Arc seems to be larger than Sigma Seikun and (probably) has a different set of abilities, so they're not exactly the same mecha.
  • Bug has only made appearance on monochrome pages of manga, and no colored artworks of it by Ken Ishikawa exist. Thus, its intended color scheme remains unknown. Anime depicted Bug as being primarily dark blue, though fans speculated it might have different color schemes.
  • While it's only referred to as "Bug" in manga and anime, the site for latter reveals that BUG is actually an abbreviation for "Biogeocenosis(生態系) Unlimited(無限界) Genocidemachine(抹消機)".
  • Bug is clearly the most powerful adversary faced by Getter Robo in the main manga continuity, and one of the strongest across the franchise.