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Benkei Musashibō (武蔵坊弁慶 Musashibō Benkei) is one of the three pilots of the Getter Robo in New Getter Robo. He combines elements of Musashi Tomoe and Benkei Kurama while his name also references the historical warrior monk who served Miyamoto no Yoshitsune. He is a Buddhist monk-in-training who had an encounter with the Oni and even held in his possession the sword of Raiko Miyamoto.


Benkei in his flight suit

Benkei is a large young man with broad facial features including a nose and eyebrows. While he is usually bald as per customs of Buddhist monks but has also been seen with messy and long black hair. His clothing usually consists of a yellow top with a jacket with ripped sleeves, light colored pants, and dark boots. His pilot suit is mainly colored yellow with black armor on the upper body.


When Benkei is first seen, he was little more than a common thug who stole and terrorized others for his own gain due to his impressive strength. After being carried to a temple while sleeping, he began to change his attitude if only very slowly. Benkei, compared to Ryoma and Hayato, is less violent but equally as intimidating as shown when he scared off a bear by simply roaring at it while showing no fear. He is rather perverse and easily attracted to women, particularly Michiru Saotome but has been working on changing his outlook, especially after being married to a woman in the Heian period, and starts to become less flirtatious and more serious. Benkei often attempts to be the serious mediator of the Getter Team, but usually messes up when not understanding a situation. He also appears to be somewhat narcoleptic seen when he slept after a monk confronted him with a speech and sutra and when he was sleeping in the Getter after a fight. Despite his faults, Benkei takes his monk training very seriously and often goes into meditation before taking serious action.


Benkei possesses above average strength, able to punch the rock on a sheer rock wall and break it without signs of harm to his body. He is also versed in grappling, being able to perform Musashi's Daisetsuzan Oroshi even when piloting the Getter. His body and iron will allow him to pilot the high pressured Getter Robo with little difficulty. He also has some skills in vehicle mechanics, as he is able to repair a Getter Machine after stealing cars in his life as a bandit.



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