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Benkei Kuruma (TV)
Vital statistics
Title Benkei Kuruma
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation New Saotome Institute
Voice Actor(s) Joji Yanami
Status Alive

Benkei Kuruma is the pilot of the Poseidon unit and its lead formation in Getter Poseidon, acting as the replacement for Musashi Tomoe with his death.


Benkei has a build similar to Musashi but is slightly more muscular. He has dark messy hair and brown eyes. He usually has a baseball umpire armor as a pilot suit.


Benkei has a big heart especially with children and animals, but when he's pushed over the edge such as when an animal is killed irrationally he shows an easily infuriated side of himself. He is also a big eater like Musashi if not more.


As captain of the Asama High baseball team, Benkei has an impressive physique and the flights he had with his pilot father make him able to effectively pilot a Getter Machine.


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  • Bunji Daiko was initially going to be the pilot of the Getter Poseidon until Benkei was brought into the series.