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The Beetle T23 was a mass produced robot created by the American Army. It first appears in Getter Robo Go when Go Ichimonji had no other robot to pilot with the Getter in maintenance. It appears again in Getter Robo Armageddon. A space variant also shows up in the final battle against the Invaders. It appears once again in Getter Robo Daikessen as the starting mech for the Player Character.


Beetle T23 is a quadrupedal small robot with four two-pronged limbs for crossing terrain. The head is covered with a dome-like headpiece with the eyes barely visible below the piece. The bottom of its body is armed with a balance stabilizer that allows its to spin like a top.


The Beetle has small automatic guns stored in the front had for long range. For close range combat the Beetle can closed in and spin rapidly towards the enemy. The manga version had rather difficult controls; but once fully mastered, the Beetle possesses immense maneuverability, able to avoid attacks and use its drill to strike at enemy weak points. In Daikessen the Beetle had the ability to repair any mech within two squares of range.