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Baron Yasha
Vital statistics
Title Baron Yasha
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Male
Race Cyborg Human
Affiliation Vega Zone
Status Active

Baron Yasha is a minor character from the Getter Robo Go Manga. He is the commander of the Dragon Turtle and was in charge of Vega Zone's forces during their invasion of Alaska.

Appearance and Personality[]

Baron Yasha resembles an older man with messy dark hair and a beard while his body is covered in armor and a cape. Unlike his anime counterpart, he has only one face which is more similar to the anime versions' younger brother face. Yasha strives to eliminate all obstacles to Dr. Lando's plans for world domination. Whenever any order is set back, Yasha often takes it out on his subordinates like Hellraiser, gouging out Hellraiser's eyes for his failure. However, he butts heads with Count Rasetsu over how plans should be executed.


Yasha as commander of a battleship commands an entire fleet of Metal Beasts and in specific battlelines. When entering combat, he can change into a panther to attack and maul enemies.


Baron Yasha's initial appearances had him overlooking his subordinate Hellraiser's progress, scolding and punishing him severely for his failures. Baron Yasha commanded the Turtle Dragon to attack the Alaskan fortress of the Allied Robot Corps to do away with them and conquer North America. However when the corps put up more of a fight, Count Rasetsu forced the ship to change tactics. This caused Yasha to lash out at Rasetsu for interfering. During their fight, the commotion with the Getter Robo Go was causing allowed Rasetsu to kill Yasha.