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Asuka Jin
Asuka Jin.png
Vital statistics
Title Asuka Jin
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Voice Actor(s) Hirohiko Kikuchi
Status Active

Asuka Jin is the younger sister of Hayato Jin and the daughter of Taizo Jin. She serves as one of the few people close to the closed off Hayato and is a semi-recurring character in the anime.


Asuka is a mild mannered person who is close to her brother, being one of the few family members she can connect to after their mother's death.


Asuka came to visit her brother Hayato at the Saotome Institute but she was hypnotized by the Dinosaur Empire to steal the blueprints of the Getter Robo, Hayato and his friends manage to break the trance and Asuka returns to her senses. She bid everyone farewell after the battle was over.

Asuka had been dating a man named Sakazaki and later became engaged to him. However Sakazaki was killed during the attack of the Hyakki Empire. Asuka had then studied in Paris under her family's suggestion for her own protection. Unfortunately, she sustained a serious injury and was in a coma afterwards.