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Apocrypha Getter Robo Darkness (偽書ゲッターロボ Darkness) is a remake manga series by Hideaki Nishikawa and published in Young Animal Arashi magazine of the publisher Hakusensha. Originally published as Aprocrypha Getter Robo Dash on January 2009, it was republished in March by its current title but has entered a long hiatus as Nishikawa began to experience health problems. With nary a mention, the manga was all but canceled.


Eight years prior to the story, explosions caused by scientists at the foot of Mt. Asama which caused a meltdown of Getter Ray energy that spread throughout all of Japan. People throughout the world began to experience some extreme mutations from the irradiation of Getter Energy that caused them to fuse with machinery and organic material and were dubbed the Idea. To combat them the Getter Robo is created by the organization GETTER and three pilots: RyoHayato, and Musashi are recruited to pilot it and battle the Idea.

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