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The Andromeda Country (also known as the Andromeda Stelleration) is a spacefaring nation somewhere in the future 750 years ahead of the Getter Robo's timeline that was devastated by the appearance of the Getter Emperor. Most of their members resemble humanoid insects and after uncovering a means for time travel seek to eliminate the source of Getter Rays before any Getter Robo has the chance to become the Getter Emperor. They served as the primary antagonists of the Shin Getter Robo and Getter Robo Arc. Its strongly implied that the Hyakki Empire was a part of their group, after Emperor Burai made contact with them in space after the battle with Getter Robo G, to the point of having some of their scientists work with them.

Society and Structure[]

The Andromeda Country is a monarchy lead by a royal family. Eventually, the fleet was attacked by the Getter Emperor which annihilated a good fraction of the fleet as well as their planet. The remaining parts were then used to create an army using several weapons from mutants and giant biomechanical insects.


The Andromeda Country uses advanced technology ranging from giant biotechnological insectoids, more conventional giant robots used by their humanoid allies, gas weapons, cybernetics that can bring back the dead, and a means for time travel thanks to a Zone -a means of creating a large, controlled wormhole-.


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The Andromeda Country sent weapons into the past including a revived Burai the Great to attack the Saotome Institute in the past. Sending more forces, they were repelled by Shin Getter Robo and the transforming Getter Robo G. When the Saotome Institute was quarantined the attacks stopped until it was put back into labor. This time using more sophisticated tactics and weaponry that could end life on Earth, the Andromeda Country was later invaded by the Getter Team striking an alliance with the Dinosaur Empire. Before its inevitable destruction, some of the former members of the Hyakki Empire gave Kamui Sho the means to build Bug.