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Akane Mizuki
Akane Mizuki.jpg
Vital statistics
Title Akane Mizuki
Japanese Name {{{japanese name}}}
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation Tachibana Institute
Status Alive

Akane Mizuki is one of the main characters of the Getter Robo Daikessen ! video game, as the pilot of the flight mode of the Getter Robo Zan: Getter Rekka. She like her teammates is trained in Ninjutsu, as part of the special black ops team for the Tachibana Institute.


Akane is a lean and athletic teenager. Her slightly messy hair goes down her neck, fringes over her ears, and extends at the front. Her pilot suit resembles a shozoku that featured a white helmet with dark-pink outlines and a clear visor.

Confusingly, the animated cutscenes show her hair to be dark gray and her suit in a light red color, while official artwork and the in game sprites show her with maroon colored hair and the suit colored a dark-pink color.


Akane is a hot blooded young woman eager for a good fight even in the face of a powerful adversary not unlike that of Ryoma. But compared to Ryoma, Akane is more level headed and usually has to be the one to get her teammates in line.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Akane's skills are only matched by her teammates piloting any of the Getter robots to their fullest potential after only a few times piloting the controls. Trained in ninjutsu Akane and her team serve as spies, gathering information about enemies with great infiltration techniques. When piloting the Getter Rekka, Akane displays her capabilities with a sword.